OPEN at HPAI - James Madison University!

August 8, 2018

Join Mike Miller as he brings the action from the Health and Physical Activity Institute from James Madison University in Virgina!  Joining him are a group of conference "Ambasadors" a group of young professionals tasked with streamlining the experience for everyone attending.  He is also joined by Brian McPherson, an experinced teacher and a great presenter leading the VA charge in both effective recess, and building active classrooms for teachers.  


Brian McPherson: @Goshengatorspe


Glenna Straus

Keara Finnerty @kfinn21

Kaitlyn Bodine

Heather Hanks (No relation to Tom :) )

Jarrett Sites @jmu_phete



Episode 13: Stephen Vaughn (X2F & PipeFit)

July 5, 2018

Happy July 4th!

The Mikes are joined by Stephen Vaughn, an ex-PE teacher who is doing some amazing things in the world of PE and the world in gerneral! Tune in to hear about Stephen's truely life changing initiative, Xcel2Fitness, and a brand new product he came up with that is sure to make teaching PE a lot more fun!





Episode 12: Administrative Support

June 5, 2018

Mike and Mike are joined by the best thing to come from Kansas since Dorothy and Toto, Stephanie Dickson!  Stephanie pops on to share her tips, tricks and first hand experience at getting administrative support for your PE program!  Steph shares her years of experience in lobbying for appropriate class sizes, teaching space, scheduling, PD time, attending conferences and more!  This is an episode that every passionate PE teacher should not miss!

Stephanie Dickson - @kckfitschools

Episode 11: Spikeball w/ Skylar Boles

May 2, 2018

Join Mike and Mike as they talk with Skyler Boles, the Education Specialist for Spikeball!  The guys talk all things Spikeball including the new Rookie Set, the OPEN Roundnet module, upcoming tournaments, and the upcoming Landcaster PA tournament being aired on ESPN!


Skyler - @SpikeballEDU


Live from SHAPE Nashville Day 3 OPEN Leaders

March 27, 2018

One of the highlights of the OPEN Forum Podcast in Nashville featured the Mikes being joined by Brian Devore, OPEN's first ever OPEN Impact Trainer of the Year AND OPEN Executive Director, Aaron Hart.  Tune in as Brian discusses his experience at the national convention and what receiving such a prestigious award from his peers means to him.  Aaron then jumps on to discuss everything from the OPEN partnership with the Cooper Institute/Fitnessgram to the OPEN Impact Awards to the future of OPEN.  This is an episode that you certainly won't want to miss!


Episode 10: Kidney Health Awareness!

March 27, 2018

March is National Kidney Month!  Tune in to hear Karin Buchholz of the National Kidney Foundation as she joins the Mikes to talk about kidney health, kidney disease awareness and shares some fun, interesting tidbits from her extraordinary background!  Whether you’re a PE teacher, health teacher or just looking to learn more about kidney health, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

National Kidney Foundation



Live from SHAPE Nashville Day 2! Part 4

March 26, 2018

Day 2 Part 4!


Mike and Mike are joined by a "Mt. Rushmore" of TOYs!  2018 CAHPERD TOY, Seth Martin and National TOYs Doug Hallberg, Crystal Gorwitz and Jo Bailey take their turns popping on the OPEN Forum Podcast to give their insight to all things related to SHAPE Nashville.  This episode features some of the finest folks to ever enter a gymnasium and should not be missed!


Live from SHAPE Nashville Day 2! Part 3

March 26, 2018

Day 2 Part 3!


This episode of the OPEN Forum Podcast is a mixed bag of "Who's Who" guests.  Tune in to hear Phys Ed living legend, Terri Drain give her thoughts on SHAPE Nashville and the role that becoming a NBCT plays in a teacher's life.  Will Potter then hops on to talk about the national convention, his time in Nashville and getting hoisted up by OPEN cheerleaders.  Lastly, the Maryland duo of Chris Hersl and Nick Thompson join the Mikes to talk about their successes in advocating for PE and analyzing data analysis respectively.  This episode tackles a wide range of topics and should not be missed!


Live from SHAPE Nashville Day 2! Part 2

March 26, 2018

Day 2 Part 2!


This episode features Dr. Jeremy Lyon talking about the exciting new partnership between the Cooper Institute and US Games. Tune in as Dr. Lyon gives his perspective on how OPEN will make fitness assessment more digestible for teachers and enjoyable for students.  Then, one of PE's most colorful characters, "Cap'n" Pete Charrette talks to the Mikes to discuss his experience at his FIRST national convention!  Lastly, PE icon, Artie Kamiya, hops on the show to talk about the current state of PE, the SHAPE Nashville experience and even introduces us to a special guest from England by way of France.  Be sure to tune into this power packed episode!


Live from SHAPE Nashville Day 2! Part 1

March 26, 2018

Day 2 Part 1!


This is a hawkeye heavy episode with the Mikes being joined by 3 of Iowa's finest!  Tune in to hear Eric Heard, Carlye Satterwhite and Kari Bullis talk about their SHAPE Nashville experience, as well as some "hometown flavor" as the Mikes are joined by fellow New Yorkers from the New York Road Runners!  Hear how the Road Runners are providing phenomenal FREE resources to students and teachers all across the country to get kids fit, healthy and active.  If you're looking to get your students into running, this is an episode you won't want to miss!