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Episode 28: Getting ready for September with OPEN!

Episode 28: Getting ready for September with OPEN!

August 12, 2020

Happy Back To School Time everyone!! 

Mike and Mike got together to discuss some of the incredible resources that OPEN has put together to help get your school year off to a fantastic start in our "new normal". 
Whether you are teaching virtually, in person with social distancing or some combination of the two, OPEN has provided some high quality resources to ensure we are keeping the EDUCATION in physical education!
Tune in to learn more about topics like Priority Outcomes, Curriculum Maps, Outcomes Maps, SEL and Professional's ALL here for you!  Good luck and GO BE GREAT!
PE NOW (Landing Page) -
PE NOW Video Walkthrough -
Outcomes Maps and Block Plans -
Online Professional Development -
Episode 27: Are you a M.A.D. PE Teacher? w/ Artie Kamiya

Episode 27: Are you a M.A.D. PE Teacher? w/ Artie Kamiya

July 1, 2020
Join Mike and Mike for a midsummer edition of the OPEN Forum Podcast as they chat with PE legend, Artie Kamiya, about the challenging landscape that faces Physical Education nationwide.  Artie shares some thoughts on what PE, and education in general, could and should look like moving forward, as well as how we can take advantage of professional development opportunities during these challenging times.
Lastly, Artie shares some details on an exciting new book project he’s been working on in collaboration with some of the best PE minds across the country!  If you’re interested in being a “M.A.D.” PE teacher, tune into this episode to learn more!
NC SHAPE Virtual State Convention, November 2-3, 2020 >
Daniel Inman’s “COVID-19 & ME: Tips for Teaching in Difficult Times.” This will be a FREE Zoom Webinar for the first 500 folks to sign-up.  We will make the registration link available on our Facebook Page >
How To Be An Outstanding Physical Education Teacher Book > Please check this link as time permits >
Episode 26: Summer ideas and Active Home for the Fall!

Episode 26: Summer ideas and Active Home for the Fall!

June 3, 2020

Mike and Mike break down the end of an unforgettable school year and shine some light on what OPEN is doing to help physical educators planning for the fall.  Tune in to hear all about OPEN’s Virtual Summer Camp (featuring backyard games, Speed Stacks, Spikeball and Rising New York Road Runners) and OPEN’s resources for the Fall that are sure to help regardless of your situation!  Are you not sure about what is happening to you come the fall? OPEN has got you covered with resources for whatever your situation is; Socially Distant in School, Hybrid in/out of School, or Learning from Home. The guys also discuss some at home haircut experiences as well. You do not want to miss it!


OPEN @ Home Summer Camp 

OPEN Fall 2020 Planning

OPEN Power Discounts

Believe in You Series

Kevin Atlas Webinar

Episode 25: OPEN National Field Day is Friday!

Episode 25: OPEN National Field Day is Friday!

May 6, 2020
Join Mike and Mike as they spread some #NationalFieldDay excitement!  The Mikes share some helpful resources to organize your Field Day and are joined (virtually, of course) by some teachers from around the country who share their insight as to how they're facilitating their virtual #NationalFieldDay experience.  We look forward to seeing you all May 8th and Happy Field Day to you all! - music from today's episode
"Everybody" - Performed by Jordin Sparks, Doug E. Fresh, Dr. Mehemet Oz, and The Hip Hop MD
"20 Seconds or More" - Written and performed by Doug E. Fresh, Artie Green, and Gerry Gunn
UPDATE! Active Home - National Field Day - OPEN Power Discounts

UPDATE! Active Home - National Field Day - OPEN Power Discounts

April 20, 2020

The Mikes are joined by OPEN Executive Director, Aaron Hart, to discuss how OPEN is responding to these unprecedented times.  Aaron also touches on how OPEN is continuing the forge the way for the greater PE community by providing top notch resources, full scale fun and HUUUUUGE discounts on equipment for those who are looking to stretch their budgets even further while still supporting OPEN's mission!  This is an episode you'll want to share with your friends (from a distance, of course!)

Episode 24: #HPEatHome & National Field Day!

Episode 24: #HPEatHome & National Field Day!

April 14, 2020

 Join Mike and Mike as they come together (while social distancing) to talk about the new landscape of “Online PE”.  They Mikes share some of their favorite resources to help get you organized and prepared for this new endeavor. And if you’re not registered for #NationalFieldDay, then you MUST give this episode a listen!

Episode 23: SHAPE SLC is so close!!

Episode 23: SHAPE SLC is so close!!

March 4, 2020

It's March, and the OPEN Forum Podcast is preparing to MARCH to Salt Lake City!  Mike and Mikes share their SHAPE SLC excitement with SHAPE America President, Jamie Sparks, as he talks all things related to the SHAPE America National Convention.  Whether you're attending this year or making plans to follow from afar, this is an episode that you absolutely must tune in to!

Jamie Sparks - SHAPE America President - @JamieSparksWSCC
Kevin Atlas - Keynote Speaker - @Kev_Atlas
Dr. Adolph Brown - Keynote Speaker -
Dr. Brian Creasman - Superintendent of Fleming Schools - @FCSSuper
#FITSupts #TennisShoeTuesdays
SHAPE America National Convention - @SHAPE_America
Episode 22: Happy Heart Health Month!

Episode 22: Happy Heart Health Month!

February 5, 2020

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and the Mikes are asking teachers across the country and around the world (We see you, Macao!!) how their school community celebrates Heart Awareness!  If you're looking to host a fun event to bring your school community together in celebration of healthy hearts, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

Kathleen Young - @nfaswims4physed
Kevin Yarnell - @perocks25
Barb Borden - @BarbaraBorden9
Jace Ferguson - @Grand_Muchacho
Episode 21: 2020 Resolutions!

Episode 21: 2020 Resolutions!

January 2, 2020
Happy holidays from the OPEN Forum Podcast!  As we ring in the new calendar year, Mike and Mike took some time to discuss some PE resolutions shared by some fellow Phys Ed teachers from across North America!  Tune in to get some new ideas or to meet others that are sharing your journey in 2020!  Hope you enjoy the episode, and we wish you all a happy New Year!
Derrick Biehl -@MrBiehlsPE
Margaret Robelee - @mrobPE
Ladonda Porter - @lporterPE
Nate Cline - @pewithmrc
Matt Eichel -@PEbyMrE
Tanner Roos - @mrroosPE
Thomas Gelardi - @tgelardi17
Melanie Lynch - @melanielynch52
Episode 20: Happy Holidays!

Episode 20: Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2019
It’s holiday time and the Mikes are giving listeners the greatest gift of all: a new episode!!
Tune in to hear what some of our listeners had to share regarding how to incorporate holidays into curriculum, how to be respectful and inclusive of ALL cultures during this time of year and also some tips/tricks on planning for the short period of time between thanksgiving and winter break.  
This is an episode you won’t want to miss.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the OPEN Forum Podcast!

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